Guitar Lessons In Raritan New Jersey

I’m John Ruffi, and I’m available for Guitar Lessons in Raritan, NJ as well as the Central and Northern New Jersey areas. I’ve been teaching Guitar for over 30 years. Lessons are in all styles, from beginning to advanced, and using fingerstyle (classical style) or with a guitar pick.

During my many years on  the guitar I’ve developed ways of thinking and playing that have enabled me to pick up virtually any stringed instrument and learn to play it almost immediately. It’s really not hard if you understand intervals.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Reading Music
  • Playing the Modes (of course)
  • Proper Guitar Technique
  • Ear Training (learning figure out a song by ear)
  • Improvisation
  • Music Theory on the Guitar

I can teach in your home or mine. I’m located Raritan, New Jersey, in Somerset County, adjacent to Somerville, Bridgewater, Branchburg and Hillsborough. You can contact me by emailing to

John Ruffi began playing guitar at the age of 9, in 1968. He studied classical guitar starting at age 13 and went on to study with such classical guitar luminaries as Carmen Marina and Michael Newman. During the late 70s,  and through the 80s and 90s, John Ruffi taught and performed in many styles including classical, jazz, rock, country and gaelic and folk styles of the United States and Nova Scotia.

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  1. Evan Zaremba says:

    Hey John Did you used to teach in Hillsboro at Toni’s?