The Modal Guitarist Instructional Series – Music Theory for the Guitar

The Modal Guitarist Series has been carefully written to provide the aspiring guitarist with tools necessary to develop a good ear and create lead guitar and guitar solos that are limited only by the guitarist’s imagination. Nowhere else will you find such a simple system of teaching music theory on the guitar.

You will learn to:

  • Play every mode in every position on the fretboard.
  • Know which modes work with common chord progressions.
  • Learn the major, minor, major seventh, dominant seventh, minor seventh and minor7 flat 5 (or half diminished) arpeggios.

Also in included is a chart showing all the notes on the entire guitar neck, and additional chord progressions which use changing modes. Chord diagrams are given for every chord used, so the guitarist will have everything he or she needs to get the most out of the Modal Guitarist. The Modal Guitarist E-Books are an excellent source for music theory study for guitarists. Each e-book you order will be immediately available for you to download.

The Modal Guitarist Series presents a simple, easy to understand, comprehensive method of learning and understanding the modes for guitar. These e-books can be downloaded by you electronically, as a pdf file. Just click below to place your order. You’ll receive an emailed link to download your book.

By buying the modes e-books you will not only be expanding your knowledge of music theory on the guitar, you’ll be supporting this website.

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Modal Guitarist Book I

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modes book 1

Focuses on the Natural Modes, with over 70 charts and diagrams in my unique numbering method which shows you the modes in a way that will enable you to hear melodies or leads and be able to identify the notes more easily. Most musicians only know of these 7 modes. They are essential to know thoroughly before continuing on to the others. But in this book you won’t only learn to play each mode in every key. You will learn:

  • Every Mode Within Every other Mode
  • Every Major, Minor and Half Diminished Arpeggio fingering
  • Common chord progressions to use with every mode

Modal Guitarist Book II

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modes book 2

Ready to beef up your playing with some more exotic sounding modes? Ready to delve into the world of substitutions? Then the ModalGuitarist – Book II is a great place to start. In Book II you will learn all the modes derived from the Melodic Minor Scale. Yoou will be able to use these to play over minor/major chords, diminished, augmented, and a few others. You’ll find yourself beginning to hear and understand harmonic combinations you didn’t realize you could! Includes an exploration of the Whole Tone Scale.

Modal Guitarist Book III

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modalguitarist book 3

Finally – Book 3 is available. This e-book focuses on the Harmonic Minor Modes. The Harmonic modes expand 7 note scales beyond those only containing whole step and half step intervals, which are covered fully in books I and II, and introduces those modes which contain a minor third interval in place of a whole step.

Includes Diminished Scales and Arpeggios.

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