the Rough Eye Ring Pick

I’m currently developing a guitar pick that I designed about 25 years ago so that it can be produced for guitarists to buy at a reasonable price. Way back when I started using them it was a tedious ordeal; cutting, filing and sanding followed by some drilling and other things I don’t go into here. I hope many guitarists will try the new pick as I expect it’s got an edge on just about every pick on the market in a few ways.

I’m calling it the “Rough Eye Ring Pick” unless someone can give me a better idea. It has a ring to it, no? Ok, seriously, it’s not a finger pick or a thumb pick but combines the best elements of thumb, finger and flatpick. If you’re interested please feel free to shoot me an email at

- john

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2 Responses to the Rough Eye Ring Pick

  1. Jessica says:

    What are the best olinne guitar lessons available?i dont care if you have to pay for it..Thanks

    • Zobir says:

      First of all congrats, pick sohtnmieg simple, pick sohtnmieg you like (you will be playing it for hours on end) go to sheet music direct type in song titles you like and pick the music marked Easy Guitar if you can’t read sheet music order it in tabs (it looks like numbers your instructor can explain this to you)The first song I could play was Wild Thing, you wont need sheet music for that song, they may start you on one string notes to start as opposed to full chords, look at the sheet music if it is farily simple like the chords are A C D E G you should be good for starters if the chords look like Bm7 add 9 it will be difficult for you to start with, look for simple chords.Other easy chords for beginners areAm, A7Bm, (this one is a little hard but you can do it)C7Dm, D7Em, E7F (this one is a little hard but you can do it)G7, Gm